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​Online seminar:

Second Module of

the Seminar

Children at Risk

Date: 8-26 April 2024

Application is closed by March 24.

This seminar will have a duration of three (3) weeks!!!

Classes (3 hours duration) on every Monday and Wednesday. With about 2 hours of homework (You Tube movies, articles, etc.) for each class. Each class will start at 13:00 hours Amsterdam timezone.

Total of 6 classes.

We recommend to read the book: "A grace disguised" from Jerry Sittser before classes start, as a preparation for the teaching on Trauma and Resilience.

(There will be no books to read during the seminar.)

Topics of teachings of second module

  1. Value of girls and women around the world, and why it matters.

  2. Abortion and the deception of the personhood theory. What it is, why it matters, and what we can do.

  3. Combatting human trafficking: understanding the problem and learning different ways to take action.

  4. Community development: how to help transform slums and refugee camps; pitfalls and good practice.

  5. Education: Character of the teacher / Teaching children: how to plan your lessons, understanding the different types of intelligence and giftings in children.

  6. Trauma and resilience: using practical tools for grief and trauma counseling with children, and how to build up their resilience.


  1. Johan and Jeannette Lukasse, The Netherlands / Brazil.

  2. Rite Mayers, Canada/Spain

  3. Aukje Brouwer, The Netherlands/ South Africa

  4. Mireille Veijer, The Netherlands/ France

  5. Toos Heemskerk, The Netherlands

  6. Misty Mihai, USA/ Romania 

Platforms:  Zoom and Google Classroom.

Languages: English

University of the Nations certificate:

This seminar is registered as an Extension Course with the University of the Nations, and participants will  receive a certificate upon successful completion of the seminar.

Costs: USD 5 (five US dollars).


  • Having completed the first module: Online Seminar Introduction to Children at Risk, OR: working in a ministry with Children at Risk.

  • Be 18 years or older.

  • Be a committed Christian.

  • Have sufficient English.

  • Have never been convicted of an offense concerning any kind of abuse against a child (a person under 18 years old) and have never abused a child.


Application second module of online seminar Children at Risk is closed (march 24)



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