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Practicum I and II Student Workbook

We encourage students to intersperse their studies with practical experience on the field, so that their learning and their service build upon one another. When they have completed the CAR School, they can do two periods of Practicum of 3-6 months.


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the Practicum I and II

Student Workbook here:












Associate degree in Social Services

Although you may study in the UofN without pursuing a degree, many students find a degree programme beneficial in preparing for their life goals. Courses can be taken one module at a time leading to an associate’s degree in social services. When you have completed  CAR School, you earned 12 credits. You can then earn a maximum of 12 credits for each practicum. If you wish to obtain your associate degree in social services, you will need a total of 84 credits. The building up of those credits could look like this:


DTS - 12 credits

Outreach DTS (12 weeks) - 12 credits

Children at Risk School - 12 credits

Practicum I - 12 credits

Community Development School - 12 credits 

Practicum II - 12 credits

Outreach (to put all into practice to multiply what you have learned) - 12 credits

Total 84 credits

Instead of a Community Development school, you can also choose a Foundations for Counseling ministry, a Family Ministry School, or a Foundations in Education School.

For those and more options, please check the website of the UofN

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